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Price: $16.99 – Length: 10 minutes


Let’s get one thing sorted out, the cum in your balls does NOT belong to your wife, partner, or significant other. It belongs to Me. The cum you make is Mine to do with as I please.

I make your balls tighten like no one else, not even her. Think about it, really think about it for a moment. My face it, My body, tits, voice, and even My eyes are better than hers. I am perfect where she is not.

She could never be compare to Me, so why waste your cum on her, and have a half arsed orgasm, when you can cum on My command, and have a truly mind blowing orgasm.

Drain your ballsĀ for Me on a regular basis.

It feels so much better when I’m the oneĀ telling you to cum.

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