Not An Alpha Anymore

Today, you're going to be dissuaded of a notion that you've held for along time. Today, you're going to accept the fact that youre not an Alpha male

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Today, you’re going to be dissuaded of a notion that you’ve held for along time. Today, you’re going to accept the fact that youre not an Alpha male, you’re really an omega male a beta at most. Today, you’re going to learn to live as your true self.

I know you’ve had these submissive cravings a while, oh yes. They’ve been there – floating around in the back of your mind just waiting for a day like today when you finally give in and accept your true nature. And you will admit your true nature today. You won’t be able to stop the words of acceptance falling from your lips as you realise you’re inferior to all women.

From now on you will kneel before Me, and you will keep your cock caged at all times, so make sure you have a cage handy. That is all your cock good for now – My amusement. You see, I love to tease, and deny those below Me, and do trust Me when I say there will be plenty of denying. The orgasm you had before you watched this clip … that was your last as a ‘free’ man. I do not allow men orgasms lightly, and if at any point I do, every last detail will be determined by Me – what porn you watch (if I allow you watch any at all), how you cum, what you do after you cum etc.

Today, you will start living your life by a mantra you will practice daily, and you will find comfort in knowing that you’ll end this clip a new omega man.

Bonus points to any recently turned ‘Alpha’ that follows through on the final instruction in the clip.