Performance Review

I will be the only one with the key to your cage.

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Before I start your performance review, I’d like to address something – rumours I’ve been hearing about a secret under your clothes. A secret that could be detrimental to the company if it gets out. After all, the company is in a precarious state right now. So, there’s no way I’m allowing even the slightest chance that new clients run into you in the bathroom before a meeting and see you like … this.

Since I’m a benevolent boss, here is My compromise; you will report to Me. Before a meeting, you will remove the makeup, strip out of your panties, stockings, and bra, and remove your cage in My office. You will not be allowed to wear any of these items during the meeting. Then, afterwards, you will re-dress in front of Me.

But what about the key? Oh, the key is Mine. I will be the only one with the key to your cage. While I understand that you only locked up during the day before, now I have the key; I’ll only unlock you if you do enough work during the day. Shall we start that performance review now?

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