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Price: $11.99 – Length: 9 minutes 


It’s the time of year where gourds are bountiful, and before the month is up you’re going to have a new ‘addiction’ of sorts: pumpkin fucking. Oh yes. Today, with your pumpkin in hand, you’re going to fuck it and you’re going to like it. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out – after all, that’s why My tits will barely stay in My bralette!

Make sure your pumpkin is fuckable beforehand – you’re going to go into this clip with lube to hand (if needed) and a pumpkin to fuck. Don’t worry, it will be nice and wet inside for you so long as you scoop it out right before you wank with it.

Ready to become My pumpkin fucker?

PSA: PUMPKINS ARE SINGLE USE. Don’t be nasty and keep it for multiple fucks, clean it and use it in your OWN food after using it.

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