Seduced into Addiction

I've heard that you like sniffing a lovely little substance that makes your head spin, and your caged cock throb.

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Price: $16.99 – Length: 16 minutes

*Custom clip. No names are used.*

I’ve heard that you like sniffing a lovely little substance that makes your head spin, and your caged cock throb. I’ve heard the way it effects you is quite a sight to see and I want to see it. I want to see what do to you. I mean, just a little sniff will be fine, it’s not like I’ve got any plans for you, I’m just curious. But first, make sure you’ve opened a fresh bottle – just so it feels just that little bit better for you. After all, I just want you to feel good.

Still apprehensive? Well, I tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. You sniff, and I’ll undo this pesky little zip … I might even show you what’s under the latex. That’s it, just a little sniff. Make sure it’s a deep sniff, make sure you can feel the int0xicating power of that lovely little substance travel right the way through you, making you just that little bit weaker – just that little bit more malleable, and under My control.

Oh yes, you thought I just had a slight curiosity? Ha! No, this is the first step into planting that seed of addiction into your head! I’m going to tease you, I’m going to make you sniff more and think I’m going to show a little more, and I might … but only if you sniff. Only, if you get a little fucked up for Me, and completely submit to being ruined by My words, My body, and My mind.

So, take another sniff, and if you’re lucky I might just take these troublesome panties off, or I might not. I might just keep on denying you, or I might treat you. But you won’t know until after you sniff. You’re weak enough that you’ll keep sniffing, and following My orders just for the slightest chance I might reveal to you what you so desperately want to see.

However, I’m not completely unreasonable, and I know your cock must be throbbing in its cage right now after all this teasing, so, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll allow you to take your chastity cage off, and when I say, you have to edge yourself for 10 seconds, and when I get to 1 I’ll decide whether or not you get to cum!

If I deny you, you have to sniff the substance in that little bottle, and then go to My wishlist and spoil Me to show Me just how desperate you are to cum, and if I let you cum you have to go to My wishlist and show Me just how thankful you are that I actually let you cum.

But before I start counting, take another sniff, and get My wishlist ready …