Stroke As I Humiliate Your Cocklet

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You again? Haven’t My words cut into you enough?

If you stay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

… unless you’re now addicted to My words telling you what we both know?

That cock of yours isn’t a real cock.

We both know it’s not. Don’t go around kidding yourself that you have the ability to satisfy or impress others.

Hell, I bet when people think of their most memorable fucks, you WILL be on that list … but not in the way you want to be. No, you’ll be on that list because your attempts were so pathetic they barely felt you fucking them because of how tiny you are.

In some ways, I almost feel sympathy for you; the key word there is almost. Mostly, I just find your cocklet hilarious because it truly baffles Me that people with ‘cocks’ like yours exist at all.

You know, if I were a Victorian lady, I’d faint. My mind literally cannot comprehend how small your cock is.

But, since I find you funny, you get a chance to entertain Me. You’re going to get hard (oh gosh, unless THAT is what you look like hard!?), jerk off, and maybe amuse me further by cumming in one pump.