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Price: $4.99 – Length: 3 minutes 

This is a weekly series. Buy Sub Tasks, Week 1 Sub Tasks: Week 2, and Sub Tasks: Week 3 before buying this clip.


We’re on to week 4, and things are going to get a little self-reflective. Your task this week is to keep a journal of everything you do, everything you spend, you bedtimes, when you eat etc. I want it all written down, digitally.

Make sure you’ve completed the full week. Once you have those of you that need a little guidance may tribute Me $75 and I’ll go through your journal and find ways you can change your habits to serve Me better.

You should still also be practicing what you’ve been taught in Sub Tasks: Week 3, and this week of journalling might open your eyes to other places in your budget you can cut down on to tribute more.

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