Testing All My Toys Compilation

Buying this clip is cheaper than buying them both separately!

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Price: $29.99 – Length: 27 minutes

Includes: Testing All My Toys, Part 1 and Testing All My Toys, Part 2.

Buying this clip is cheaper than buying them both separately!

Part 1: Today, I’ve picked out a number of My favourite paddle-style toys to use on gimp. He’s got quite the high pain tolerance so it’s always fun to beat him up and break him. He doesn’t break easily, but I’ve got a hidden weapon or two that he’s not encountered before, and it’s not my meat tenderizer.

As you’ll see, one could call Me a very willing and gleeful Sadist. I just love seeing flesh turn red as I hit it over and over again with My chosen implements, and gimp’s flesh brightens willingly. There’s one toy in particular that make his skin turn red as soon as I hit it …

A very real play session that I happened to film. Pain is a passion for us both, as you’ll no doubt see.

Part 2: Now that Gimp’s ass is red, it’s time to make his back the same shade. I’ve got a whole host of toys to try on him, and I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time.

As you have seen in part 1 Gimp is quite difficult to break, but I have got a special toy up my sleeve. I’ve also changed into a very busty and revealing purple latex skater dress to help him fall into the pain of submission.

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