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Price: $8.99 – Length: 7 minutes

The Little Blue Book Series, Part 1

What I have here is a book full of secrets – the deep dark wishes of many. Some people have a little ‘black’ book, and whilst I do … I keep that one purely for blackmail. This book, My little ‘blue’ book, contains secrets I can use to either help you, or destroy you.

Now, which one will this clip be? Will I talk about your sissy fantasy? Will I tell you it’s all okay, and that you just need to admit it to yourself and go out this year and experiment. OR will I tell you that now I know your little secret, you’re My bitch. That if you want Me to keep it a secret that you secretly yearn for female clothes, and you’d like nothing more than to be dressed up to the nines in fancy materials, you’d best do what I say, or else.

The only way you’ll find out is buy buying this clip.

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