Urethral Sound JOI – Audio Only

I have led you down the road of depravity.

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Price: $10.99 – Length: 4:13

This is the audio version of a previous clip.

*You will need: A set of urethral sounds (not too thin), medical lubricant for the sounds, and your favourite picture of My tits.*

I have led you down the road of depravity. My fascination with so many fetishes over the years has brought you here, to urethral sounding.

Of course, I’ll have to warm up your cock with the help of CBT to make your cock sensitive and receptive. This will ensure that your cock is hard and responsive. To get you mentally ready for the depth you’ll feel.

Keep your eyes on My tits for encouragement, and let that metal slide down slowly, carefully, until the depth feels delicious, until you cum from your new fetish.