Why Would I Pay Attention To You?

Others know My value, My worth, and then there's you.

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Price: $8.99 – Length: 7:11

Others know My value, My worth, and then there’s you.

You think your measly $10 tributes are FinDom, when in fact, they’re an insult. Sure, money is money, but ‘sacrificing’ $5, $10, $15 and calling it FinDom, wanting Me to control your wallet when it basically amounts to pocket money? When it costs more to buy ONE of My clips?

It’s an insult.

Even if I were to accept your version of ‘FinDom’, I would be doing you a disservice. If you genuinely want to experience FinDom, you must commit to larger tributes. Think of tributes more like a show of appreciation, a chance to demonstrate your respect for Me.

Unsure how to start? Don’t worry – your Goddess is here to guide you.

You will begin by paying a token tribute every week that will increase over time. However, you must ensure to stay consistent with your tributes; this will not only show your commitment to Me, but also help you reach your ultimate goal of genuinely experiencing FinDom.

Stay committed, keep consistent, and you’ll find that in no time at all you will feel the rush that comes with entering three, four, or even five-digit numbers and clicking ‘tribute’.

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