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    Clip Catalogue: Cuckolding

    Released in 2015. Tales from Last Night Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 2 minutes | Size: 127 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids My, my, my. Last night was amazing. And you’re lucky My dear little cucky husband, I’m going to tell you about all the bits you missed out on. Cuck Stories I Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 224 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids I’ve been going out and having a lot of fun recently, with other men! All whilst you’ve been whoring your ass out to pay the rent. Because you’ve been good, and you’ve hit your goal for the month, I’m going to tell you all about the fun I’ve been having. Released in…

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    Clip Catalogue: Diaper Discipline

    Released in 2016. A Week of Pissy Play Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 255 MB Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids I highly recommend watching this clip a few times before you partake in the tasks, just so you know what each day will entail, and what you’ll need for each day. We’re going to have a little fun with one of My favourite things this week … you! This challenge is to be completed over one week, and at the end of the week you may email Me and tell Me you did the challenges. If you’re good, and show proof of doing the challenges, there will be a special task for you at the end of…

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    Clip Catalogue: Multiple Orgasms

    Released in 2015. Part 1: 4 Orgasms, 4 Ways – Topless Price:$32.99 USD | Length: 26 minutes | Size: 399 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt You desire the ability to orgasm multiple times, but your sensitivity, and weak will is letting you down. As soon as you’ve cum once, you have the intention of trying to have another, but you fail. Every single time. This is where I come in. Think of Me as your masturbation therapist. As your masturbation therapist I know that you WILL have four orgasms today. How do I know this? Well, if you don’t have four orgasms, you won’t get your reward. I know you’ve been lusting after My tits,…

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    Taboo Catalogue

    Released in 2016. Mesmerizing Sister Staring Contest Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 514 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids *This is a custom request.* “You’re my irresistible little sister. You’re upset that I never hang out with you and insist we play a game. How about a staring contest? You make me stare into your mesmerizing eyes. You up the challenge by lowering, then removing your glasses. You’re impressed, but have a pretty good idea how to throw me off my game. You unbutton your top, revealing more of your cleavage. You mention that I’m starting to look weak. You tease me with your breasts and move them up close without breaking eye contact. I finally lose…

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    Clip Series: CBT JOI

    This series was released in 2017. Part 1 : Easing you in Price:$11.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 340 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids I want you to hurt for Me today, and rest assured – you will hurt. You’ll whimper, and moan, and even beg … but you’ll be begging for more instead of begging for mercy. I know that you boys like a little something more than your garden varied JOI. I know that a little bit of edging, a little bit of red light green light JOI isn’t going to do anything for you. That’s why you CBT enthusiasts are My favourites – I can do anything I want to you, and you’ll still…

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    Eye Fetish Catalogue

    Released in 2018. Addiction Mind Fuck Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 16 minutes | Size: 540 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids [This clip contain binaural beats, and layered audio. Wear headphones for the full effect.]  You will obey Me. You will do anything, and everything I ask of you. You will listen to My voice, and only My voice. You will let yourself fall deeper down into mindless sweet senseless addiction to Me. Don’t deny Me, give in to your wants, and desires. Listen to My words. Let them mould you. Emerald Eyes Price:$20.99 USD | Length: 15 minutes | Size: 777 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC Look. Stare. Gaze. Through an intense mind fuck, I will…

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    Anal Masturbation Catalogue

    [introduction text] A Slutty Evening In Price:$29.99 USD | Length: 25 minutes | Size: 525 MB iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt | AVN You will need: a variety of plugs, cage, paddle (if you want), 1 dildo for sucking, 1 for your mouth (preferably a shiny cock), a plate and maybe a chair – depending on your strength/endurance levels. Sit back, ‘relax’, and get ready for the perfect evening in – slutty, painful and depraved, of course. What can I say? I just can’t resist a little ball slapping! Think of this clip as a test of your endurance and trust in Me. I’m going to put you through your paces, stretch your ass, train your…

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    CBT Instruction Catalogue

    For Better, or For Worse Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 388 MB Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids Note: this is a fantasy only. We’ve been married for years, and I’m getting bored of you. The sex is boring, the conversation is boring, and you … you are just boring. I’ve also discovered that I have new desires, new female desires. It seems as though men don’t interest me any more; I’m more interested in the female persuasion. So, if I’m going to give you one last chance to ‘keep’ me, impress me if you will. I want you to chop of that little thing of yours. I want you to take this , and prove to me…

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    Small Penis Humiliation Catalogue

    3 Minutes and Counting … Price:$3.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 79 MB  iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids This is one for all of you small pindick premature ejaculation losers! Let’s play a game! You have to last three minutes of Me teasing you, humiliating you, and telling you to jerk that pathetic cock of yours, before I give you only ten seconds to cum before the clip cuts off. Can you do it? Can you actually last that long for once in your life? I bet you can’t … I bet you only get ten seconds in before blowing your load over that microscopic pice of flesh. Prove Me wrong – last until the end of the…

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    Virgin Humiliation Catalogue

    If you haven't had sex yet, don't worry. In fact, rejoice! I want you to STAY a virgin for Me. I want the only person you worship to be Me. I want the only person you masturbate to, to be Me. I want to be your entire world.