Text Me

Want to get even *more* Ruby Rousson in your life?

Interact with Me on a one-to-one basis. Tell Me your deepest desires, and I’ll help you fulfil them. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear panties, suck cock, or eat cum, I’ll have you wrapped around My finger in no time, saying ‘yes Mistress’ to every demand.

KIK/Discord are for those of you that want a more on the go intimate experience. Whilst I don’t often turn My phone lines on with any regularity, I always have My phone to hand. If you’re not ready to step up and session, you can always join My discord: https://discord.gg/N3uEXz9

Having access to Me via text means that you’ll have Me in your pocket wherever you go, bending your ear, and telling you exactly what to do. Texting is perfect for those of you looking to explore D/s further, show Me you’re serious about financial domination, or even for those that want a very tease heavy instant-messaging sessions … with pictures. Now, doesn’t that sound appealing?

What do you get on Snapchat? Teasing, clip previews, candid snaps, informal chats & more! I post nearly all snaps to the Secret Discord room so you don’t have to worry if you miss them! 

If you are a member of https://stars.avn.com/rubyrousson or https://onlyfans.com/rubyrousson you get ‘fan club’ prices. A little perk of signing up!

Regular Prices


  • $10/min Skype
  • $20/min Skype (If not pre-booked!)
  • $2.50/min Text
  • $4.50/min w pics/vids/audio

Unlimited Chat

  • $130/Day
  • $355/3 days
  • $775/7 Days

Fan Club Prices:


  • $8/min Skype
  • $2.00/min text.
  • $4.00/min v pics/vids/audio

Unlimited Chat:

  • $100/Day
  • $250/3 Days
  • $650/7 Days

cCan’t afford? 

Save up, and join My Discord whilst you wait.