AVN is out, LoyalFans is in!

Another day, another mass movement to another site.

Just last month, I decided to focus on AVN Stars, pulling away from other fan clubs to concentrate on posting quality content to just one site, but not anymore.

As you might have heard, AVN has decided to demonetise, which means as of January 1st, it won’t accept payments. Many of you follow Me there, and I use it as My main fan site. However, effective immediately, I’ll be moving to RubyLoyal.com – LoyalFans. AVN will still have some posts and interactions until December 31st, but I will focus on moving content to LoyalFans. But don’t move away! Think of AVN Stars like a backup Twitter account, just in case I, and all backup accounts, get banned.

I know I’ve made a lot of site changes in the past few years, and trust Me, it’s as frustrating for you as it is for Me. Sex workers are dealing with a rocky landscape currently that’s ever-changing. If you’re willing to follow Me whilst I traverse it, it’s greatly appreciated, and I assure you, treats will follow.

It’s my hope LoyalFans can be a home for quite some time, but if not, I’m working on an alternative for RubyRousson.com.


Going forwards, it’s best to follow all subscription sites (that are ‘follow for free’) I’ve joined just in case something else happens in the future; that way, there’s no rush to join. Some of them aren’t actively in use – they’re pre-emptively there just in case a site ever shuts down or has a massive policy change.

All My accounts are as follows, and this list will be updated if I join more. In order of preference:

  1. RubyLoyal.com
  2. RubyOF.com/onlyfans.com/RubyRoussonFree
  3. RubyFansly.com
  4. https://frisk.chat/rubyrousson
  5. https://pocketstars.com/rubyrousson
  6. https://justfor.fans/RubyRousson

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