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Customs are open!

Customs are open!

…but be quick, they’ll be closing in 2 days.

P.S it’s my birthday in 2 days too. ūüėČ

Customs have been on hold for a month, but now they’re back for¬†just¬†2¬†days. There will only be 5 custom clip slots available.

Why should you order a custom?

Have you looked around my clip stores, but not found the exact clip you want? Had a fantasy that’s been playing over and over in your brain that you want to see enacted out? Do t you want o see me in a certain outfit whispering your name as I tell your to jerk off?

If you’ve wondered about any of these questions, you should order a custom clip crafted by me. They’re not cheap, but they are excellent.

I pride myself on my ability to make a custom clip that you will enjoy.

Custom Cost:

  • Audio: $10/minute (effects $15/minute). No extra cost for name.
  • Video: $20/minute

You can also add on extras like:

If you’d like to order a custom¬†email me. Payment will be required before filming takes place via a site of my choosing.

Order yours now to avoid disappointment, I don’t know when I’ll be opening order slots up again.

My Preferred Site: AVN Stars

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