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The time has finally come.

I am moving.

A little for you all.

Everything is currently being set in motion for me to move to my own place. Naturally, this is a big change in my life, and one I’ve been working towards for quite some time. During the next few months, my availability won’t be regular, so chances are if you see me on cam. that’s your only chance for quite some time.

My own place will mean I can make the space my own. I will finally be paint walls so my backdrop isn’t a dull cream (not my choice of backdrop by a long shot), or a limited small stretch of sequin fabric. With the move I will be able to film more often as my work setup won’t have to be dismantled after filming – maybe I’ll even work on some green screen work!

What can you do to help?

I have an Amazon wish list up with things I will need, and items that will make my life easier during the move. Until then, tributes are the best way to help – more so with the recent changes!

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