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    Virgin Humiliation Catalogue

    If you haven't had sex yet, don't worry. In fact, rejoice! I want you to STAY a virgin for Me. I want the only person you worship to be Me. I want the only person you masturbate to, to be Me. I want to be your entire world. 

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    Stay a Virgin for Me

    For the rest of your life you will stay a virgin for Me. You will obediently serve Me, you will obey Me, and you will never ever put your dick in a pussy.

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    Virgin Pillow Humper

    Curious why you'll need all the above? Buy this clip, I'm not giving ANYTHING away. All I'm going to say is that we're going to have some fun today. 

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    You are a virgin loser

    Look at yourself. Take a good look. Look in a mirror, up and down, and up again, and just stare. All your reflection shows is a loser .

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    Sort your Life Out

    There are two types of submissives in this world - the "want to do everything to make themselves better and My life better" type, then ... you.

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    Virgin Loser

    You're going to admit something to Me today, and you're going to admit it to yourself ... out loud. I know the secret you've been keeping,