Cuckolding Catalogue

Released in 2015

Tales from Last Night

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 2 minutes | Size: 127 MB

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My, my, my. Last night was amazing. And you’re lucky My dear little cucky husband, I’m going to tell you about all the bits you missed out on.

Cuck Stories I

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 224 MB

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I’ve been going out and having a lot of fun recently, with other men! All whilst you’ve been whoring your ass out to pay the rent.

Because you’ve been good, and you’ve hit your goal for the month, I’m going to tell you all about the fun I’ve been having.

Released in 2016

My Darling Husband

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 197 MB

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You think you could hide your stash of porn from me? Your wife? Ha! Of course not. Leaving it in an unlabelled folder was bound to arouse my suspicious, but maybe you wanted that?

No matter what you wanted, I know now. If you think I’m ever going to let your hands or penis near me again you’ve got another thing coming. No, I’m too good for you. Unfortunately I can’t just divorce you, but I can whore you out! Make money off you whilst I live a life of luxury! In fact, I’ve got a friend coming over this evening, so you’d better pop upstairs and get your ass ready for him…

Just A Little Cuck

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 239 MB

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Do you like My new bra? It’s gorgeous isn’t it. Do you know why I brought it? I bet there’s a little part of you that hopes I brought it to tease your pathetic ass in, isn’t there? Hell no. I brought it for My boyfriend. He’s going to get such a kick out of seeing My tits framed so perfectly in it.

I’m not a complete tease though … I’m going to ‘treat’ you. I’m going to show the bra off a little, and explain why you’ll never be good enough to have Me, and that I have someone so much better than you’ll ever hope to be. I’ve no use for little omega males like yourself.

Sensual Domination 101

Price:$22.99 USD | Length: 19 minutes | Size: 827 MB

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[This is a custom clip. The name Carlos is used throughout.]

“This clip is an instructional video for my wife. It’s purpose is to train her to be a dominant wife and turn me into a beta male. She is also very busty and she secretly knows I’m her boob zombie. I’d love for you to instruct her on how to use her sensuality (and boon domination of me) to turn me into a beta male through small penis humiliation, cuckold threats, size queen honesty, strap on role reversal and chastity. Please show her how to use the CB6000 on me to put me in my place and also learn to be a very hungry pussy licker. I reinforce my beta status to her by eating my own cum off her if tits. Please instruct her on how to give me JOI and then how to save the cum to use against me (ice cubes, etc) I’m going to be her bitch. She needs your help learning how to sensually and lovingly make me her bitch. We do love each other. And my cock is average (5.5 inches but it is thick). It’s average at best. And she likes to thick and long (what wife doesn’t?). I hope this makes sense.”

Serve and Obey

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 458 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

“To begin, you tell me how my life is about to change and how I’ll learn to serve and obey. You tell me that I belong in chastity and deserved to be cuckolded. You mock me for my predicament and laugh in my face. Tell me how much fun you’ll be having with friends, talking to hot guys, and having sex with larger alphas!

Meanwhile, I’ll remain locked, denied, and cuckolded for you! Also, I would like a brutally honest opinion of my penis size. I’m exactly 4.25″ hard. This is the total length. The diameter is a little less than 1.5″ and the circumference is 4.6″. Do you think I will continue to shrink after enduring your chastity sentence? My steel Jailbird™ is 1.25″ long too.

Also, tell me to throw out ALL of my boxers and instruct me to buy even more frilly pink panties!”

Released in 2017

Chastity Tales

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 277 MB

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Locked away, desperate, and wanting more? What a coincidence, that’s just how I like men – when I do ‘like them’ that is.

I’m going to tell you a few tales today, some I’ll make up on the spot, teasing you with scenarios that will never happen. Some will be ones I’ve personally crafted for lucky subs, and some will be scenarios I’ve planned out for future subs. Can you guess which is which?

Here’s a hint: the last one is a real life scenario, a scenario I very much enjoyed.

Your New Reality

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 302 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

Well, that was fun! I love trying new things in the bedroom, and I never thought I’d enjoy that little bit of FemDom play as much as I did. It’s quite exhilarating. I’m so glad you suggested it darling.

Oh, you brought something for us? Let’s see then. C’mon, I promise not to laugh.

… what is that!? It looks so ridiculous, I mean seriously? You might as well try it though, just to see … oh my. That’s quite the look, and these keys here? What are they for?

Oh, I see, they keep you all locked away. My, my, my, I didn’t quite expect this to turn me on as much as it did. But, your cock is useless now, it’s all locked away!

No matter, I’ve got a solution. I’ll go fuck your friends whilst you stay at home, my pathetic locked up boyfriend! Yes, I think this will be perfect, and don’t even think about leaving me, or these keys may just accidentally get lost …

Released in 2018

Be My Cock Sucking Cuck Bitch (MP3)

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 14 minutes | Size: 27 MB

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This clip contains layered audio, binaural beats, and My delicate English voice.

Do you know what I did just a few hours ago? I had sex. I let a man fuck Me. What were you doing a few hours ago? Being pathetic? Most probably.

Want to learn what being My cuck would entail?

Get ready to listen with your cock in hand, by the end of this you’ll be begging to be My cock sucking bitch.

Cuck Cum Junkie

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 147 MB

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I got fucked last night. His cock was absolutely massive, and My cunt clenched around it as he fucked Me.

I bet you wish you could have watched. You’d have seen My face contort in ecstasy, and heard the moment when his release came.

Want to know more? Buy the clip. I’m not spoiling all the salacious details.

Released in 2019

Ignoring you to Sext Other Men

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 293 MB

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My time is better spent taking provocative pictures and sending them to men who will actually please Me, rather then endure talking to you.

Yes, you heard Me correctly.

You are a drain on My time, you’re a waste of brain power, and I’m tired of you. So, I found other men, men that are far more interesting to talk to, and men that appreciate Me more than you.

Oh, you can try to make it up to Me – I encourage you to do so, but it’s so much fun to ignore your pleas.

Dear Small Dick Boyfriend

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 41 MB

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It’s been a week, and yet I know we’re not right for each other. Why? Well, where are My gifts!? I should have been spoilt rotten, there should have been parcels every single day I returned from work, and yet there are none.

And don’t even get Me started on your small, tiny little pinprick of a cock.

If I hadn’t made it clear already, I’m breaking up with you. A week was longer enough to know that you’ll always be a loser that will never be able to satisfy Me. That why I’ve already taken up with another man!

Question, is that dick the ‘World’s Smallest Penis‘?


Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 243 MB

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My luscious, soft, supple, natural tits in another’s mans hands. Can you handle the tease?

Be a Good Little Cuck for Me (MP3)

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 12 MB

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Do you know what I did just a few hours ago? I had sex. I let a man fuck Me. What were you doing a few hours ago? Being pathetic? Most probably.

Want to learn what being My cuck would entail? Get ready to listen with your cock in hand.

Can you guess? (MP3)

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 9 MB

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… what I’m doing?

Maybe I’m touching Myself, maybe I’m not. What I am going to do is tell you a few stories of what I’ve been up to this morning, and why I’m recording this audio naked.

You can stroke, but you’re NOT allowed to orgasm.

Released in 2020

Story: Cucking My Chastity Pet

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 247 MB

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This is one of my hottest stories yet.

All I’m going to tell you is that it features on night a few years ago where a chastity pet of Mine was locked up, and I called him whilst I was fucking another guy.

Oh yes.

Orgasmic Interlude

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 90 MB

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This was a totally unplanned quick and dirty clip. Whilst filming the content for My annual NYE clip I got exceptionally horny and ended up getting a guy to come fuck Me.

You could let your imagination run wild OR you could purchase this clip so I can tell you EVERYTHING and let you get close to Me than ever before.

NOTE: This clip is VERY shaky.

The Cuck Oath (MP3)

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Price: $6.99 – Length: 5 minutes

You’re an aspiring little cuck and I know exactly what you want and what you need.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you to realise your desires and admit to yourself what you truly want … or dare I say need.

Repeat after Me …

Released in 2021

Cucked on Valentine’s Day

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Price: $14.99 – Length: 9 minutes

I cannot believe you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day. What kind of partner are you! You forget the day that’s most important, the day where you show you love someone and you’ve ruined it. You didn’t even by Me flowers! Flowers! They’re at every gas station and you could have easily picked them up when picking up gas.

The only way you can make it better is by handing over your credit card, come on. Hand it over.

Hmm. I’m not impressed. I think it’s time I’m appreciated, shown love and affection, unlike when I’m with you. My … lover, will be coming over soon and I’ve promised him that he can have a blow job, but naturally, I’m not going to giving him one. You will be.

Oh yes, since you can’t impress Me as a husband, you’ll be a cuck to My lover who’s bigger and better than you in every single way.