Christmas Reciprocity

Reciprocity . It's My favourite word at the moment.

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I’ve been working hard on something for you, but there needs to be some reciprocity, or else I won’t treat you.

Reciprocity . It’s My favourite word at the moment.

How are you going to show Me your devotion. How will you treat Me? How will you show Me, prove to Me, your devotion? I’ll give you a hint, your bonus.

The more you give Me, the more likely I am to treat you.


What else? What else do you think you could do to enrich My life? That would show Me your devotion?

Oh, does My cleavage make you a little fixated, a little dumb? Don’t worry. I’ll give you the answers you crave, I’ll spell every instruction out for you. I’ll cut through the chaos of the season to tell you how to immerse yourself in Holiday cheer so you’ll be rewarded next year.