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Price: $10.99 – Length: 9 minutes 

You’re desperate to worship My body – every single part of it, from My toes, to My pussy, to My ass, to finally My tits. You’d love to worship every single part of Me, intimately.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine having your face suffocated under My latex clad ass, or My lace covered pussy? Can you imagine being so close to My flesh you can smell My most intimate parts? Taste the sweat?

It’s amusing to Me that even in your wildest fantasies of worshiping My intimately you’d ever be able to please Me.

After all, how could a loser like you ever be able to please Me? Do you think you have even a smidgen of a chance of being worthy? You, a snivelling submissive man, that gets erect at a hint of bare flesh. Do you think you’ll ever be worthy of worshipping My Goddess figure?

Or do you think the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Me intimately is the slight slip of My underwear in this clip.

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