Clip Series: Janet and Brad

This series was released in 2016.

Be My Brad

Price:$22.99 USD | Length: 18 minutes | Size: 584 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

A brief intro scene sets the stage-you’re playing a wife (dressed in a buttoned up blouse and skirt-but showing plenty of cleavage) greeting your husband when he gets home.

Apparently you’re an amateur actress and you tell your husband that you’re up for Janet in a local production of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” this Halloween. Theres one catch-they need someone to play Brad or the gig’s off. You ask your husband to take the part, but he’s too prudish and refuses. You tell him you have a surprise and we fade out.

We come back in and you’re dressed like you’re ready for the Floorshow (corset, stockings and heels). You playfully try to entice your husband but his mind’s made up.

Frustrated you resort to something you’ve practiced behind his back. You manage to put him under, gleefully telling him, “it can be fun as well as educated.” Feeling more and more empowered and dominant as you do so, you describe how you’re going to dress up him like you are now-showing off every sexy item you’re wearing (and if you have some extras, you can act like you’re handing them off to him to put them on). Basically you lead him down a path where he finds crossdressing and performing for people in public very sexy. You cant help getting aroused yourself with the power you now have and the way your husband has submitted to you and the crossdressing suggestions.

Let’s Get Rocky

Price:$17.99 USD | Length: 15 minutes | Size: 486 MB

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A follow-up to Be My Brad.

“You and your husband come home from a successful performance, both in your floorshow corsets. You’re amazed at how your husband has embraced the changes-he loves crossdressing and he loves performing on stage. You both want to turn things up a notch at home and have a threesome. But whereas you are open to either men or women, he absolutely refuses to have another man involved.

Well, what worked once…Using the induction phrase, “control can be fun as well as educational,” with a snap of your finger, you’re husband is entranced (no need for a long induction). Now you’ll guide him towards a love of the male body, their muscles, and their cocks. You’re so effective with the control suggestion that your husband gets a huge erection, and you have him masturbate as you tell him how a MMF threesome will play out with yourself in control.”