Clip Series: Tell Me Something

This series was released in 2016

Part 1

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I’ve had many men tell Me things that they think are harmless, in passing. A little information here, a little there, they think nothing of it! But, it’s the little things that are the most telling.

For example, let’s discuss a recent cam session of Mine. It didn’t take long to suss out that the little subby actually wanted to suck a real man’s cock – a bull’s cock, he wanted to be fucked like the little slut he fantasied being. It was no surprise really, his cock was barely bigger than My little finger!

The best part, he sent pictures, videos, and his phone number! Want to know the digits? Want to see the depravity?

Part 2

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[This is a custom clip. The name Oliver is used throughout.]

Tell Me Something, Part 1

Are you thinking chickening out is going to excuse you from the tasks I gave you? It’s not. All it’s going to do is make Me more amused, and more likely to ‘accidentally’ publish the information I have on you.

As with the way of the internet, once it’s out there, it’s for life. I already have pictures and videos of you sucking cock (and thoroughly enjoying it), and I bet I could coax a few more pictures from you, maybe even ones of your tiny little cock!

One parting thought, what if I were to arrange a meet up for you and some man. One where you service him, and the money goes to Me, not you. Does that thought terrify you, or arouse you?

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