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Price: $10.99 – Length: 8 minutes 

Hm. Men come to Me from all over the globe with their problems, and desires … why do you think you’re any different? Why do you think you’re special?

Do you think that you have a desire that no one else has had? Let Me tell you right now, you’re not special, you’re the same as everyone else.

To take a crack at it, you’re a white male, who likes jerking their cock, looking at tits, and maybe a bit of bi thoughts, sissification, and even a little bit of CEI.

… boring!

You desperately want to be special, but you’re not. I come across so many of you. You’re all the same.

So, what CAN you do to make yourself interesting? Well, that’s why I filmed this clip. It contains a heavy dose of humiliation filled with a surprise or 2 … and some genuine laughter.

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