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My darling, your time is up ... I've discovered your little secret.You think I hadn't noticed you staring at My feet, the longing gazes

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My darling, your time is up … I’ve discovered your little secret.

You think I hadn’t noticed you staring at My feet, the longing gazes, the slight quickening of your breath? Of course I noticed! And a tiny bit of investigation led me to your porn stash. Your ‘Giantess’ porn stash. I must admit, it did gross me out a bit; discovering that you like being shrunken and squished, but considering how lazy and messy you’re been lately, I think I can work with it …

In fact, today is your lucky day. You’re not going to need your porn today, oh no, I’m going to describe to you in excruciating detail what I’d do to you. How I’d shrink you, how I’d catch you, how I’d squish your little body into mush. And you’re going to like every single second of it, you’re going to get turned on by how I describe your little body being caught by me, and squished by me.

Do you know what’s even more exciting? I’ve got a little surprise for you after I tell you all these wonderful things.

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