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Ride, Jerk & Hold

You’re going to be a filthy little faggot for Me today! I want you to make sure you have a VERY full bladder before you play this clip and you’ll also need ANOTHER 500ml of water. I’m not going to go easy on you. I want you to slip a dildo into your slutty as and ride it whilst you’re full of water, the drink EVEN more for Me whilst your bladder is about to burst. Then you’re going to press on your bladder for Me and ride until I say you can relieve yourself. You’re going to be so desperate, that dildo like the butt slut you are, you won’t even know which you want to do first – piss yourself a dildo or cum with your bladder full of piss! Maybe you’ll even do both at the same time … Such a dirty piss holding, dildo faggot.