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Price: $9.99 – Length: 8 minutes 

To ease in, watch Pumpkin Fucker I first.  

Got the taste for fucking pumpkins? Ha, I know you have. You might have fucked a pumpkin since the last clip or maybe you’ve abstained. That stops now. You’ll be fucking a pumpkin today for Me.

This is Pumpkin Fucking II and as such, you’ll need TWO pumpkins. Ideally, 1 smaller and 1 larger pumpkin. The smaller one will need to fit the tip of your genitals and the larger one will need to be big enough that at least half of you will fit inside. Watch the clip through at least once before fucking so you’ll know what’s cumming up.

PSA: PUMPKINS ARE SINGLE USE. Don’t be nasty and keep it for multiple fucks, clean it and use it in your OWN food after using it.

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