Clip Series: Sniff and Spend

This series was released in 2015

Part 1 [Topless Tease Version]

Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 128 MB

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Today you’re going to become a good sniffing slut for Me, you’re going to make your head spin and fall further and further into a relaxed state … and then you’re going to prove your worth as a financial submissive.

You’re going to buy Me three things today, and each time I let you buy something I’m going to let you tease yourself – a reward for your good behaviour. You’re going to get yourself hard and ready to cum, but instead of cumming you’re going to take a deep breath, feel the feeling spread through you, and click purchase. And you’re going to do it again, and again. But, if you do every single thing I say, you’ll get a treat for the third time you do it, and you might even get to cum.

Part 2

Price:$24.99 USD | Length: 20 minutes | Size: 842 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

FIRST PART: Sweet-talk me into drinking 5 shots of alcohol all while flaunting your incredible body and encouraging me to stay hard (by stroking to you) so as to create a diversion from your actual intentions.

Have me pause the video for 10 mins. During break you’ll have specific instructions.

I’m to open up an incognito window of your C4S browser page and click on the tribute button. Instruct me to enter $10 and shrink the page so that ONLY the SEND TIP button is showing. Then have me minimize the page in case we need it later. I’m to repeat those instructions 3 times (if you want to vary the amounts, it’s up to you.)

SECOND PART: Continue seducing me into drinking another 5 shots as your slowly start revealing more of your massive weapons (your beautiful breasts). Keep making me stroke so as to confuse my brain with your evil intentions. Have me pause the video again for 10 minutes. Have me repeat the steps of opening up tribute pages and shrinking them for later. Your choice on the tribute amounts.

THIRD PART: Ask me how I’m feeling. “Feeling more obedient?” Of course I am. Instruct me hit the ALT and TAB keys so that all tribute windows are open alongside the video. Instruct me to douse that rag and toss it in the plastic bag and BREATH deeply those wonderful fumes while I click SEND.

Remove bag, tease me to stay hard, repeat bag over head and tributing. Finish last tribute with cum countdown.